David Sutcliffe

Financial Advisor

The La Clouche Silhouette is a challenging yet rewarding trail that covers a total distance of 78 kilometers. In travelling it you pass over ridges, and descend into and through valley bottoms. It is at once a beautiful yet rugged trail that demands a high level of physical conditioning and expertise to navigate.

Similar to the La Clouche Silhouette Trail, navigating the peaks and valleys of the market to realize your financial goals requires an equal level of skill, determination and conditioning.

While he has a diploma in Professional Accounting, and is in the process of acquiring his Certified Financial Planner designation, having personally mastered the La Clouche Silhouette Trail, David's qualifications are more deeply rooted in the values he learned during his 11 years in the Army Reserve as an infantry soldier with The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa. This includes a deployment in Afghanistan.

What does this mean to David's clients?

It means that he has the desire, drive and ability to create a clear path through life's uncertainties to help you to achieve your goals in terms of financial growth and ultimately, financial freedom. 

"Those who follow are always behind" – A.Y. Jackson


Securing your Family's Future

Following the advice of a trusted advisor is shown to be a significant factor in building wealth and achieving investment success. Our team can provide sound advice and a Personal Wealth Management Strategy™ to guide & assist you & your family at any stage of life.